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Developer JustVoip

JustVoip offers free phone calls to various popular destinations. You may turn your pc into a full fledged phone You also can send text ...


Developer Globe7 Inc

Globe7 lets you make voice calls to PCs, landlines, and mobile phones from your computer. It also allows you to chat with your ...


Developer ARGELA-USA

Call your friends all over the world! Wherever you are in the world, you can make free international and domestic phone calls to over 40 ...


Developer Finarea S.A. Switzerland

It can help you to make free phone calls to loads of popular destinations! SMS Discount comes up with ...


Developer Wengo

WengoPhone 2.1.2 is an IM that allows you to make free phone calls to other WengoPhone users. You can buy credit to ...

Free-1 USB Phone

Developer IPEVO

FREE.1 translates the point-and-click PC VoIP interface into simple keypad and toggle operations with the ...

Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard

Developer The Coding Workshop Limited

Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard - software allows you to add new polyphonic tones to your mobile or cellular phone whatever the make or model. ...

Free Video Phone Converter

Developer Koyote Soft

Converts video files to/from popular media formats. With Free video converter you can convert your videos to the formats you need for ...


Developer Digital Services of South Florida, Inc.

Never loose information again. NoteIT gives you easy access to a calculator, reader, Web search results and any of your notes quickly, allowing ...

Bud Phone

Developer FreePhoneLine

If you use a laptop computer you can take Bud Phone anywhere with you. As long as you have high-speed Internet access Bud Phone will work. For ...

IPi Phone

Developer olej

IPi Phone is internet IP to IP telephone software that allows you to talk and use text chat. IPi Phone ...


Developer Brooh

With Brooh you can make free phone calls using the Internet. You can make a free call from your computer to a real telephone number so you ...

Bud Light Phone

Developer FreePhoneLine

There are none! They are offering you a free phone line with no additional fees or any other catches when it comes ...

Bud Light Lime Phone

Developer FreePhoneLine

A free desktop app that turns any PC or Mac into an absolutely free phone line. You even get your own ...

Kokanee Phone

Developer FreePhoneLine

Kokanee Phone is a free desktop application that turns any PC into an absolutely free phone line. You even get your own Canadian phone number ...